These regulations include the terms of service available on the


Service – the website with the information contained on it, the content and a software.
User – a person who knowingly uses the service, and fully accepts the rules.

1. The software may be used only for entertainment and administrator does not take any responsibility for any misunderstandings.

2. The administrator has the right to disable the service without notification the users. The service will be offline.

3. The system intercepts 100 messages that should be treated only as entertainment content.

4. The administrator has the right to change the information contained on the website or Terms and Conditions in any time.

5. You can use the service without registration. We ensure safety of the users e-mails and phone numbers.

6. The user who will use the service confirms that he is familiar with all points of the regulations and fully accepts them.

7. In cases of unexplained, please fill the contact form on the website.

8. The Service is available only for adults.